Auto Design



Development service under CAD CATIA V5

  • General assessment of the project
  • Preparation of 3D data models for first analysis
  • Development of 3D data for design verification
  • Supervision of the built proto parts and product validation
  • Release of 3D and 2D data for production

On request

Project management services

  • Creation of layout for product launch
  • Preparatory works concerning the start of production
  • Support of production
  • Preparation and implementation of documents necessary for „Product Lifecycle Management” 

On request

Support of parts building process and component testing

Cooperation in the area of optimization of the production process 



  • Preparation of technical documentation for production start-up
  • Maintenance documentation of axonometric drawings of parts, subcomponents and components

  • Maintenance documentation of assembly and disassembly drawings

Why us?

Our experience and commitment to the design process ensure that each of our products is carefully designed and crafted using premium materials. As a result, our customers receive products that not only offer unparalleled durability, but also provide unrivaled safety and riding comfort.



Unparalleled quality


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